Listing for Digital Tokens

Creating market value for your Digital Token

We at AltsBit, are always open to list exciting new projects, and we would be happy to see your token or coin onboard. If you are willing to apply to our platform take the first step by exploring this page.

To start the preliminary review, please submit the required information using Listing form below.

Listing process and conditions

To help drive innovation in the blockchain industry, AltsBit is committed to support both new and established blockchains. AltsBit seeks to provide its users with an ever-growing selection of blockchain technologies and digital tokens.

After filling out the listing form, we will return to you shortly using the zendesk support platform. Our specialist will send you a bitcoin address for payment and, if necessary, find out additional information. Standard listing takes up to 5 business days after payment.

Not allowed to list: A) Digital assets that represent securities, stocks, or any other indication of traditional financial instruments. B) Digital assets to which the regulation under any applicable laws applicable to trading of commodities. C) Digital assets that may pose a security risk to the exchange and users. D) Digital assets that are based on the ponzi scheme or any other financial pyramids.

Listing for standard blockchains

Blockchains for which we have an interaction interface have listing cost $ 1000

Listing for unique blockchains

For unique, not common and non-standard interfaces listing price will be discussed individually.


We provide 3 markets for trading in the following pairs:*/BTC, */ETH, */KMD without extra payment

Own market

Can be provided for an extra fee only for tokens with a large community and excellent reputation.

Listing form

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Support and update listed digital tokens