IEO Platform

Fostering Innovation through Initial Exchange Offerings

The Initial Exchange Offering is an exchange solution for investment in a crypto project that gradually attracts the interest of ICO and traders from around the world.

Start-ups producing tokens benefit from a more flawless IEO launch process on Digital price exchange platform in comparison to launching own ICO.

IEO solution

Token issuers do not have to worry about the token sale security, as the exchange manages the IEO process. The price of the token must be assigned in $ and it will be listed, regardless of volatility it will be recalculated online in BTC/KMD/ETH markets. In AltsBit you get the most detailed and transparent IEO stats.

After filling out the listing form, we will return to you shortly using the zendesk support platform. Our specialist will send you a bitcoin address for payment and, if necessary, find out additional information.We accept only BTC and KMD.

Not allowed to list: A) Digital assets that represent securities, stocks, or any other indication of traditional financial instruments. B) Digital assets to which the regulation under any applicable laws applicable to trading of commodities. C) Digital assets that may pose a security risk to the exchange and users. D) Digital assets that are based on the ponzi scheme or any other financial pyramids.

Complete solution

DP Exchange provides IEO organization and list after all rounds are completed.

IEO for standard blockchains

Price for each round is $ 1 000. Price for listing $1 000.

IEO for unique blockchains

Price for each round is $ 1 000. Price for listing will discussed individually.

Detailed reporting

IEO owner have the most detailed and transparent reporting on sales of tokens.

IEO form

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